Welcome on this webpage, which belongs to the computer game "Tecamnis" of Björn Barz.
You can download it at the the download-section (use the buttons in the navigation to go there).

This game is orientated at the one named Tetris™ which Nintendo made for game boy.
Picture 1 You have to position specially formed objects, which are falling with a specific speed, so that they lie in one line. Picture 2 Then the objects in one line will disappear and you'll get scores.

But when the lines reach the top, you lose!

Two game types are available:
In the A-Type the game ends, when you lose.
In the B-Type the game ends, when you lose, too. But in this type some objects are already on the field to begin and the game also ends, when you have destroyed 25 lines – then you win!

You can play Tecamnis alone or with two players, in the local network or online on our Tecamnis server (check status section).
Sometimes we distribute updates which will be downloaded when you connect to the online server.

Available languages are English, French and German.

Have fun playing Tecamnis!

Tetris is a protected trademark of Tetris Holding LLC in the USA or other countries.

by Björn Barz